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Nougat and Caramel

Nougat and Caramel

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We've put together a little assortment of different textures of caramels and nougat, packed with different sorts of nuts and fruit! Contains a mix of 12 of the below.

    • Smoked Honey Nougat
      • Ingredients: Sugar, Egg Whites,¬†Glucose, Smoked Honey,¬†Almonds,¬†Cocoa Butter, Rice Paper.
    • Fruit and Nut Nougat
      • Ingredients: Sugar, Egg Whites,¬†Glucose, Honey,¬†Almonds, Pistachios,¬†Macadamias, Almonds, Apricot, Cranberry, Rice Paper.
    • Houjicha Nougat
      • Ingredients: Sugar, Egg Whites, Glucose, Honey, Almonds, Pistachios, Cocoa Butter,¬†Houjicha Tea Powder, Rice Paper.
    • Tropical Caramel
      • Ingredients:¬†Cream, Sugar, Glucose, Banana Puree, Mango Puree, Passionfruit Puree, Cocoa Butter, Butter, Sorbitol, Dextrose.
    • Pecan Caramel
      • Ingredients:¬†Cream, Sugar, Glucose, Butter, Cocoa Butter, Pecans, Sorbitol, Sodium Bicarbonate, Salt.

            Contains soy, dairy, nuts. May contain traces of gluten. Store in a cool and dry place (~18-22¬ļC)