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Pack of Twelve Blocks
Pack of Twelve Blocks

Pack of Twelve Blocks

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Bonbon One
Bonbon Two
Bonbon Three
Bonbon Four

Can't decide? We totally understand. We've made it easy for you by bundling up one of each flavour from our signature range. The pack includes 12 flavours—great for sharing, gifting, or even better for that sneaky top-shelf-of-the-pantry personal stash!

  • Houjicha Banana
  • Saffron Barberry
  • Hazelnut Nutmeg Mandarin
  • Chili Pineapple
  • Passionfruit Mango Sesame
  • Muscovado Coconut Almond
  • Wakoucha
  • Pandan Coconut Lychee
  • Wakame Sake Sea Salt
  • Yuzu Ginger Apple
  • Genmaicha Oreo Strawberry
  • Speculaas Spice

Each block weighs ~75g.