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Madagascar 'Mateza Co-Op' 70% Tasting Pack

Madagascar 'Mateza Co-Op' 70% Tasting Pack

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These approachable 70% dark chocolates are made from organic beans sourced from 860 small-scale farming families who are a part of the Sambirano Mateza Co-op in Madagascar. The beans are grown organically, fermented for 5-7 days and are of Trinatario genetics (with small percentages of Criollo and Forastero). 

In this pack,¬†I have roasted the same beans in two different ways‚ÄĒyou'll find flavour differences within each. The only parameters that¬†have changed¬†are the length of roast and thus, the end of roast temperature.¬†

We don't like to dictate or prescribe what you'll taste when you eat this chocolate, but for roast one, we taste cream, chocolate fudge, almonds and ganache. For roast two, we taste banana bread, cinnamon and brown sugar.

Each bar weighs ~80g.

Ingredients: Cocoa Bean, Sugar, Cocoa Butter.

May contain traces of dairy, soy, gluten and nuts.¬†Store in a cool and dry place (~18-22¬ļC).¬†¬†

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Tivendale
Delicious diversity!

One bar gives you memories of strawberry a freddo frog. The other memories of a choc chia latte! Wow!

A tasty and special experience

You are often able to try bars from same maker with same cocoa %, or bars from same cocoa origins by different chocolate makers, but it's a rare treat to try two bars alongside each other where there is only one difference that separates them. Maker is the same, cocoa % the same, cocoa origin the same. Roast times are different. Doesn't sound like much will be noticeably different in the taste, but wow! Such a difference. Makes you appreciate how much effort and trialing a maker puts into getting every part of the process right to extract the best flavour from a bag of cocoa beans. Here Jen has given us two bars to sample together. The results are so different. I loved them both! Will need to keep trying and alternating between both to see if a favourite develops. Thanks for this experience, Jen! Yum!