Cocktail Co x Meltdown Artisan Tasting

Cocktail Co x Meltdown Artisan Tasting

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We're reinventing alcoholic chocolates and the classic chocolate/whisky/cocktail pairing!

This November, be the first to get a preview of the Meltdown & Cocktail Co(llaboration) limited edition cocktail chocolate range in this tasting event with a difference. For this edition, we're focussing on Whisky Cocktail Caramels, a trio of alcoholic chocolate bonbons filled with three different whisky cocktail-infused caramels. Taste the cocktails that inspired each of the different alcoholic infusions in the caramel and watch as we walk you through how you can recreate the same at home. Then let us guide you through a tasting of the chocolates paired with the whisky itself. Just in time for the festive season, you'll leave with some creative ideas for how to jazz up your next dinner party.

Seats for this preview event are limited to 12 per session and $89 a head. 

What you'll get:

  1. Welcome drink
  2. A tasting flight of the chocolate bon-bons
  3. A tasting flight of the whiskies that form the base of the cocktail
  4. A tasting flight of the cocktails that inspired the caramel chocolates
  5. Cocktail recipe cards to take away so you can recreate the drinks at home
  6. Exclusive packs available on the evening with special discounts for the home entertainer
Sessions run for approximately 1.5 hours each. Choose from either Friday evening 22 November 2019 or Saturday afternoon 23 November 2019. 

If attending on Friday afternoon, we recommend you make plans for dinner after - there are plenty of places around Kings Lane, Darlinghurst that offer a wide variety of cuisines. Similarly, you may wish to have lunch nearby before the start of the Saturday afternoon session (or make it a pre-dinner activity!)