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August Pack of Seasonal BonBons
August Pack of Seasonal BonBons
August Pack of Seasonal BonBons

August Pack of Seasonal BonBons

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Bonbon Four

Handmade and painted seasonal chocolate bonbons. Each month the flavours change to include a selection of experimental flavours, along with those that are tried and true. This month's seasonal bonbon box runs with theme of "Maker's Choice", featuring some unique and inspiring ingredients.
  • Available in packs of 9, 16 or 25
  • Presented in beautiful gift packaging, perfect for gifting!
  • Something new to try on a regular basis
  • Flavours are selected at random but you are welcome to leave your preferences in the notes section at check-out and we'll do our best to accommodate your requests!¬†
  • Flavours may include:
    • Blueberry Ganache with Cheddar Praline
    • Caramel with Sichuan Pepper and Truffle Chip Praline
    • Wasabi Almond Praline
    • Kokuto Cinnamon Ganache with Hazelnut Cinnamon Praline¬†
    • Gochugaru Raspberry Ganache
    • Shiso Ume 'Nikka' Caramel
    • Matcha Goma Kinako Ganache with Sesame Kinako Praline
    • Apricot Gel with Saffron Ganache and Pistachio Praline
    • Taro Coconut Ganache
    • Mango and Black Tea Sesame Praline¬†

Flavours may change subject to experimentation.

Products may contain soy, dairy,¬†nuts and gluten. Store in a cool and dry place (~18-22¬ļC).

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    SO bloody good ūü§©

    I’ve tried many different Meltdown products and none had ever let me down - so I finally ordered my first Bon Bon box and let me tell you…it was incredible! Not only is Jen a wonder one woman show, but she is one talented chocolatier! Jen put together the Bon Bon flavours in such a considerate, creative and utterly divine way that really showcased the offerings of the small local producers. Every texture and flavour was truly a delight - even my partner who usually prefers his chocolate relatively simple, just adored trying each different one - we took turns guessing which one we’d chosen to nibble on…it was delightful! Next month, go on, treat yourself - it is worth it!

    Jen Cheung
    Bon bon bliss

    Another complex, interesting and all-round delicious box of bon bon flavours. Loved all the different ways that the producers' inputs were highlighted and complemented. I cannot even pick a favourite - they are all so yummy!!

    Panda Maskine
    Delightful and thought provoking

    These bon bons were each so unique, delicious and thoughtfully crafted. Really made the ingredients from the local producer’s shine in the different elements within each bon bon (in the crumbles, ganaches, pralines and caramels). Not only did they really pack in the flavour but they were each complex, their flavours and textures blending seamlessly together and with the crisp chocolate surrounding them.

    Michelle C
    Divine flavours

    Amazing seasonal choc Bon bons!

    Love this season‚Äôs ‚ÄėBlue Mountain Makers‚Äô selections ~ the chocs literally melt in your mouth and the flavours were divine! Every single one of them was delicious! I had to make sure I don‚Äôt finish the entire box in a day!!


    Everything Jen makes is amazing! It’s so good that I no longer have guilt about eating chocolate, Meltdown Artisan is quite literally health food. Personally can’t go past Jen’s handmade made nut pralines (particularly pistachio) and excellent flavour combinations such as yuzu and honey. She goes the extra mile and you can taste the difference!