What is the best way to store chocolate?

Always store chocolate in a cool, dry environment away from strong smelling foods and direct exposure to sunlight. Never store chocolate in the fridge, unless it's absolutely necessary, as this can cause sugar bloom (that white swirly looking texture on the surface of your chocolate).

How long will my chocolate keep?

Our bonbons have a recommended shelf life of 3-4 weeks, and products like our bars and barks approximately 6-12 months depending on storage. Like all things, they're best consumed fresh which is why we also make all of our products in small batches so they don't sit around on the shelves for long periods of time.

Do you deliver? 

Yes! You can view our shipping policy here.

Can I collect my chocolates?

You absolutely can. Pick-up is from our shop located at 32 Kings Lane, Darlinghurst NSW 2010.

I have allergies! Do you do dairy/nut/gluten free chocolate? 

We do have a number of products that don't contain added allergens—you can check all of the ingredients out on each product listing in the online shop. 

V - Vegan (Dairy Free)
GF - Gluten Free
N - Contains Nuts
A - Contains Alcohol

All of our products are prepared in a kitchen where nuts, diary, eggs and gluten have been prepared so please use your own discretion when ordering.

Do you offer wholesale?

We most certainly do—please get in touch with us via the order form online, or via email to hello@meltdownartisan.com. Please keep in mind that there can be a 2-3 week lead time for larger orders, so make sure you get in early to ensure timely delivery and constant stock supply.