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Venezuela 'Gibraltar' Dark 70%

Venezuela 'Gibraltar' Dark 70%

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This unique 70% dark chocolate is made from beans sourced from 32 smallholder farmers who are a part of Gilbraltar town in Venezuela. Gilbraltar's position near the Maracaibo Lake is key to the signature flavour of the beans, as there is a great mosaic of Criollo beans in this area. The Trinitario beans are composed of 50-60% criollo genetics. 

We don't like to dictate or prescribe what you'll taste when you eat this chocolate, but we taste tropical fruit and spices.

Each bar weighs ~80g.

Ingredients: Cocoa Bean, Organic Raw Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter.

May contain traces of dairy, soy, gluten and nuts. Store in a cool and dry place (~18-22ºC).